Communication is very vital for our businesses as well as our day to day activity. Telephone System is a fundamental means of communicating in our home and office environment. Your office can enjoy a quality digital or analog phone system from PanasonicAvaya and Grandstream professionally installed by our technicians. 

In our modern connected world, communication network is an integral part of many offices. Understanding this, we offer voice and data wiring services to companies and residential customers, offering Cat 4, Cat 5, and Cat 6 cabling, as well as fiber optic cable. As technology moves on, you will need to upgrade your wiring to handle higher data speeds and higher quality phone calls. We provide wiring upgrades, retrofitting wires, and clean ups to clear away older wiring that no longer works. 

With Chip Net Solutions (CNS), your telephone system specially design for professional working. At Chip Net Solutions, through our highly trained team, we will provide all the service that you need ranging from Voice and Data Wiring. We provide Telecom Annual Maintenance Contract services that will helps you avoid high repair costs and helps you from unexpected damages.