Remember when home automation meant having one light dim at a certain time? That seemingly simple task required an electronic monster installed in your basement. Now imagine having auto control of every switch, every system and appliance in your home whether you’re in the neighbourhood, on a business trip or anywhere across the globe.

You can view live coverage of your home CCTV security cameras just to check up on your kids. You can set temperature and lighting for an ideal ambience when you reach home from a tiring day at office. Everything is remote controlled and just few seconds away. Also the same remote will lower your shades, dim the lights, and lower the movie projector. 

Distributing data and audio-video throughout the house – using broadband, wireless Internet access, Local Area (LAN) networks and more sophisticated computers and consumer electronics and the digitization of entertainment all the new ways to tie your home systems together. Whether you want to change your living room in to a cinema hall or want to make it suitable for a birthday music & dance party.

Chip Net Solutions (CNS) is your one stop solutions for complete home automation through remote control and flawless services. We can offer Installation with Annual Maintenance Contract to support and maintain all systems are in under control.